Short-term EP participation in the ExCom meetings

EPs will be invited by way of email notices to join in ExCom meetings for six-month periods. There will be two such positions, staggered by three months to enable better transmission of experience between the members. Each EP would have one or two specific tasks allocated to them in that time, partnered by an ExCom mentor, and these tasks will form part of the advertising for the position. Tasks might include undertaking a piece of research or administrative work, achievable within the six months, for the ExCom. (eg helping draft IPHC submissions, undertaking tasks for Working Groups, gathering information for new IPHC Information Papers or their updating, preparing or organising others to provide materials for presentation on the IPHC website.). Each EP would also be asked to seek expressions of interest among the EP cohort (following advertisement of the position by ExCom) for the next EP to replace them as representative in the program, and to arrange their joining the ExCom meeting at the time of their appointment.

Victoria Nuviala

Short TermNov 2021 - Apr 2022

Laëtitia Thérond

Short TermAug 2021 - Jan  2022

Raquel Nolasco

Short TermMay - Oct 2021

Bec Hingley

Short Term2020 -2021