Longer-term EP Internship 

EPs will be invited by way of email notices to nominate for the position of ExCom EP Intern for a period of one year, to undertake one or several more complex specific tasks for the committee, partnered by an ExCom mentor, and these tasks will form part of the advertising for the position. These might include the organisation or IPHC sessions at conferences; EP representation at wider polar forums or events; development of IPHC Information papers or major reviewing; coordinating the development of web-based products for the IPHC website etc. The term of the Internship may be extended at the discretion of the ExCom to enable a project to be completed if it extends beyond the one year appointment.

Depending on the availability at any given time of EPs to participate in these opportunities, and the nature of the tasks to be undertaken, the ExCom may choose to extend the advertising of the positions to the broader IPHC Membership. 

Bec Hingley

Long Term2021

Jeppe Lorenzen

Long Term2022

Zack Bennett

Long Term2023