Mohammad Abu Al Hasan

Associate Member  – Germany  (September, 2023)

Associate of Archaeology and Cultural Heritage at Spreewälder Kulturstiftung

Mohammad Abu Al Hasan (Bangladesh) is working as a Scientific Associate of Archaeology and Cultural Heritage at Spreewälder Kulturstiftung (Spree Forest Cultural Foundation) in Germany. 

Hasan has a Bachelor's and Master’s in Archaeology and an MA in Heritage Conservation and Site Management from Germany. He has worked in various museums and his research focus areas are Ancient and Medieval Numismatics, Trade and Economic History, Archaeological Sites and Museum Interpretation, Presentation, Marketing, and Public Engagement along with the questions of Authenticity and the Heritage recognition process. In the Polar Context, he is particularly interested in the Antarctic Heritage Designation Process, the Effect of Climate Change on Antarctic Heritage, Authenticity on Antarctic Heritage Context, and Archaeological Investigation in Antarctica. He is also a Heritage Photographer.

He is currently working on developing his PhD research proposal on Antarctic Heritage.

Research projects/interests

Cultural Heritage of Germany in the Antarctic and Sub-Antarctic Region.

Antarctic Heritage Designation Process

Interpretation and Presentation of Antarctic Heritage

Bronze Age Astronomy 

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Authenticity, Interpretation and Presentation, Antarctic Heritage Designation, Antarctic Archaeology, Antarctic Museum, Public Engagement, German Antarctic Heritage