Deception Island Working Group 


Chaired by Maria Ximena Senatore, Susan Barr, Victoria Nuviala




Role and tasks for a Working Group

To monitor through its membership developments on Deception Island that have relevance to polar heritage issues, and to consider general need for advice, feedback or guidance that the IPHC could potentially offer to the Management Group or other (i.e. IAATO)

To advise IPHC ExCom on any recommended actions by IPHC in relation to Deception Island heritage issues in general;

Actions recommended by the WG for IPHC consideration might include the development of: 

· background papers for circulation or publication; 

· guidelines or policy recommendation 

· other actions that the WG thinks will advance the identification, conservation, management and broader understanding of Deception Island heritage sites.

The IPHC Executive might then request the WG to develop draft papers or submissions on those issues;

The WG might seek information from experts in the course of researching particular issues, but only the IPHC Executive can authorise submissions or comment on issues directly to ATS. The WG shall maintain copies of all correspondence undertaken which will be forwarded with a summary to the IPHC Secretary-General on the anniversary of the WG’s formation, or as the progress of issues suggest;

The Executive Committee member of the WG's role is, in part, to ensure that the role of the WG and its relationship to the ExCom is clearly defined and maintained. The ExCom member(s) in consultation with the WG Convenor will communicate to ExCom any issues in relation to roles that need clarification;

The WG will refer to itself in correspondence with others as 'the Working Group on Deception Island Heritage of the International Polar Heritage Committee (ICOMOS)'. It will not present itself in any other way as representing the IPHC or ICOMOS.


· To organize an online Workshop on Deception Island 2023 to discuss historical and heritage matters.