Jeppe Lorenzen

Expert Member - Greenland (November 2021)

National Museum of Greenland

Jeppe Lorenzen is Curator of Listed Buildings at the National Museum of Greenland, based in Nuuk. He is an historian (MA), and a former Master Carpenter. He has wide experience in timberframing and restauration and repairs on historic buildings and structures.

He is particularly interested in the conservation of wooden structures and buildings in an arctic environment and is involved in different projects to spread knowledge of traditional methods, tools and materials in Greenland in particular. With a focus on the historic influence of Scandinavian crafts traditions on the wooden built heritage in Greenland, and the hybrid building style that emerged from a blend of these and traditional Inuit ways of construction.

He is also dedicated to the study of traditional surface treatments such as linseed oil paints and wood tar, and the effects of traditional vs modern paint materials.

All this with an eye on the changing conditions in an arctic climate.

Research projects/interests

Recently he has taken steps to undertake the first research project ever on the condition and preservation level of abandoned built industrial heritage I Greenland – eg. mining, fishing and shipyards.

This to create an overall understanding of the condition and estimated remaining lifespan of these structures, to better enable future decisions on preservation or listing of important national and international cultural heritage.

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Areas of interest

Wooden built heritage

Industrial built heritage

Surface treatments


Wood conservation, Greenlandic built heritage, Danish/Greenlandic colonial history, Traditional Scandinavian craftsmanship, Arctic climate and preservation.