Zack Bennett

Expert Member – New Zealand (May, 2023)

Zack Bennett is the Building Conservation Programme Co-ordinator and a Buildings Conservator for the New Zealand based charity Antarctic Heritage Trust. He has carried out two summer seasons as a Buildings Conservator working on the historic expedition bases of Scott, Shackleton and Hillary on Ross Island, Antarctica.

Zack is a Master Craftsman who has dedicated the past twenty-five years to conserving and restoring fine antique furniture and wooden objects for both public institutions and private collections. His range includes designing and manufacturing traditionally made furniture, as well as exhibiting stone and wooden sculpture and carvings. He has spent a decade restoring, designing and building pipe organs throughout Australasia, and eight years as a qualified builder constructing architectural residential homes.

Zack was a scholarship recipient for the International Course on Wood Conservation Technology, Riksantikvaren, Norway 2022. He is a member of ICOMOS NZ and has accepted an internship as an emerging professional with the IPHC in 2023.