Doug Olynyk

Founding Member – Canada

Retired 2011 as Manager, Historic Sites for the Government of Yukon 35+ years’ experience in architectural conservation & heritage resource management. Studied engineering/architecture, began career with Parks Canada, working 15 years on documentation and analysis of National Historic Sites in western and northern Canada. Participated in planning teams to help create both Fort Battleford and Chilkoot Trail National Historic Sites. In 21+ years with Government of Yukon he was responsible for managing research, documentation, planning, conservation, management, operation and interpretation of historic places in the Yukon Territory. Involved in development and implementation of heritage legislation and negotiation and implementation of Aboriginal land claim agreements resulting in precedent-setting co-ownership and co-management regimes for a number of heritage sites. Has written and spoken extensively, both nationally and internationally, on threats of climate change to heritage resources in the north.