Benjamin Petkov

Associate Member  – Australia  (November, 2023)

Benjamin Petkov, a built heritage specialist and historian, has been actively contributing to the preservation, identification, conservation and interpretation of historical sites in Victoria, Australia, since 2019. As a member of ICOMOS Australia, he brings a wealth of expertise to the field of heritage conservation. 

Petkov's professional journey is marked by a focus on polar heritage and the intricate intersection of heritage and climate change. Passionate about safeguarding the international communities’ cultural legacy, Petkov hopes to contribute to further research and advocacy efforts ultimately addressing the escalating implications of climate change to polar heritage, comprising some of the world’s most vulnerable and remote significant polar sites. By actively engaging with this critical aspect, he not only hopes to contribute to ongoing dialogue within the heritage community but also hopes to assist in raising awareness about the urgent need for sustainable practices in the face of environmental challenges.

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Areas of interest

Polar History

Polar Heritage

The implications of climate change and tourism to polar heritage

Heritage materials conservation in the polar regions


Climate change and conservation, polar exploration, polar heritage, impacts of tourism, built heritage conservation.