Fernanda Codevilla Soares

Laboratory of Antarctic Studies in Human Sciences, Federal University of Minas Gerais, Brazil (LEACH, UFMG), Brazil

Fernanda Codevilla Soares is graduated in History at the UFSM (2004), specialized in Interdisciplinary Process in Archaeology at the URI (2008), master in Latin American Integration at UFSM (2006) and PHD in Quaternary, Materials and Culture at UTAD – Portugal (2012), having diploma validated at UFRJ (2013). Nowadays is a postdoctoral student at LEACH – UFMG. She has a complementary formation at a UNESCO and IPHAN program, through the Heritage Specialization Program (2006/2008). She is a collaborator researcher at LEIA – UFSC and at Ethnology and Archaeology Museum Oswaldo Rodrigues Cabral – UFSC, and has experience in the archaeology field, with emphasis in historical archaeology. While post-doctoral student at LEACH, she is been doing fieldwork in Antarctica, every year since 2015, where is responsible for the 3D digital scanning of the Archaeological sites and archaeological diggings. At the laboratory, she is responsible for the analyses of the vestiges, as well as mediating actions with non-archaeological public.

Research projects/interests

Archaeology of sealing sites Analyses of archaeological vestiges of the 19th century. Activities of public mediation

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Areas of interest

Historical archaeology

Antarctic History

Public Mediation in Archaeology


Historical Archaeology, Antarctic History, Polar heritage, Public Mediation in Archaeology