Maria Ximena Senatore

Vice President

Expert Member –  (November, 2009)

Investigadora Científica (Associate Professor) Incipit-CSIC

Instituto de Ciencias del Patrimonio, Consejo Superior de Investigaciones Científicas, Spain

Maria Ximena Senatore has been working on archaeology in Antarctica for the last two decades.  She is Associate Professor CSIC, Intituto de Ciencias del Patrimonio (Incipit), Spain.

She was a Distinguished Researcher at Universidad de Alicante, and Associate Professor at Universidad Nacional de la Patagonia Austral. As a Senior Researcher at CONICET (Argentina) for two decades she run research projects on the Archaeology of Capitalism Expansion to Antarctica in the 19th century, Materialities of Antarctic History, and Master Narratives, Heritage Conservation and Tourism in Antarctica. 

Project leadership in research projects on archaeology, history, heritage and tourism in Patagonia and Antarctica since 1996. Leader of field research in historical archaeology  on the South Shetland Islands, Antarctica (1995 to 2000) and in South Patagonia (1998-2017).  She lectured on the History of Antarctica on cruises to Antarctica from 2004 to 2007. 

With a degree in archaeology and a doctorate degree in history, she is interested in understanding the human exploration and incorporation of remote lands into the modern world. Currently she is developing research projects on Contemporary Archaeology in Antarctica. 

Research projects/ interests

Her work has focused on questioning the master narratives of the Antarctic past and the theoretical conceptualizations of heritage conservation. Her research examines human-things relations in Antarctica past and present, with recent focus on informing sustainable and inclusive conservation policies and practices. In addition to her Antarctic work, her research areas include modern colonialism in Patagonia, theory in historical archaeology and heritage studies.

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Areas of Interest

Contemporary Archaeology in Antarctica

Human-things relations in Antarctica

Capitalism expansion to Antarctica, whaling and sealing in 19th century

Master Narratives of Antarctic History

Materialities in Antarctica

Polar Cultural Heritage

Museums and uses of cultural heritage


Contemporary Archaeology, Polar Heritage, Modern Colonialism, Material culture studies, Climate crisis, Human-things relations