Abeer Al Saud

Associate Member  – Kingdom of Saudi Arabia   (March, 2024)

Abeer Al Saud, a multifaceted professional with experience in sustainability, culture, peace and multilateralism. Abeer is also an esteemed polar explorer, uniquely integrates scientific and artistic exploration to deepen our understanding of the three poles ( the Arctic, Antarctic, and the Himalayas). Besides her research contributions, she is a persuasive advocate for polar policy integration and multilateralism coordination of polar and planetary agreements, treaties and conventions, showcased through her compelling presence in significant events like the Rio Conventions and other international high-level events. Abeer is also a WINGS flag carrier. She is also the first from her region to go on official research expeditions to the most remote areas of the three polar regions. She is also an artist and used I feared photography to capture the extraordinary light in polar regions. She also experiments and uses natural materials from polar regions for her art. On of her notable studies is linking glaciologists with neuroaesthetics (with more emphasis on natural colors such as microalgae)

To get in touch:  www.abeersaud.com

Areas of interest 


Policy, Antarctic Treaty, Svalbard Treaty, Polar Policy and Advocacy, Multilateralism, Polar heritage and culture, Cultural heritage, extreme environments, 4th pole (lunar South Pole), Glaciology and Neuroaesthetics (para-disciplinary role of art and sciences), polar art, polar analogue photography